The CCAB Advantage

In 2004, CCAB initially started out as a medical collection agency. Over the years it became apparent an overwhelming amount of our revenue was derived from inefficient billing practices. Below are 3 reasons why being a collection agency first has given CCAB an advantage in the billing industry now.

1. We recover your accounts receivables free of charge

Billing companies offer recovery services for accounts receivables at an additional cost because they outsource the accounts to a collection agency.

This is an example of a practice that outsources $300k worth of receivables annually and what it costs.

Annual accounts receivable: $300k

Annual recovery rate: 20%

Commission rate/cost: 35%

Annual cost of recovery with most billers: $21,000.

Annual cost of recovery with CCAB: $0

2. We have developed exceptional personal communication skills

(We know how to talk to patients)

A substantial percentage of accounts receivables are a result of poor communication and follow up with patients by the biller. Poor communication will make a patient become difficult often resulting in nonpayment.

It's simple, to be successful in the medical collections industry you must be a great communicator. Every patient is different and must be treated appropriately. With over 200,000 difficult patients and 20 specialties served we consider ourselves expert communicators.

3. Superior Technology and Customer Service

In 2004 we realized small to mid-size medical practices were being underserved in the accounts receivable industry. Technology was inferior and customer service was poor due to the lack of size. We provide both at a level usually reserved for large practices or hospitals.

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