The CCAB Test Drive

In 2014, the CCAB Test Drive was developed so a medical practice could experience our services without committing to any long-term contracts or obligations. The CCAB Test Drive is our exclusive 30-day program that allows a potential client to use our services free for 30 days, with no commitments. After the 30 days is complete the potential client decides to continue to use CCAB's services or not.

3 Reasons to take advantage of the CCAB Test Drive

Customer Service

Experience a level of customer service usually reserved for large practices. Because we are small and family-owned great customer service is our #1 priority, we consider our clients our partners.

Superior Technology

We have partnered with Kareo, the leading medical billing software in the U.S. With over 90k providers, 8mm patients and over 18 years in business, there is simply nothing we cannot do.

Customizable Rates and Minimums

Most billers or software companies have a one size fits all mentality. They require high minimums no matter the size and any additional services come at a cost. We customize our services and fees to fit your needs.

Switching or finding a new medical billing company is not fun or easy, but vitally important to your practice. Many companies will make idle promises or offer useless guarantees. We do not offer any guarantees or promises, we offer the CCAB Test Drive. Use our services free for 30 days with out any commitments and then decide to continue using our services or not, over 80% do.

Since 2014 over 75 practices have tried the CCAB Test Drive and 62 of them are still our clients.

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