Payment Monitoring

Payment Monitoring

CCAB believes in offering reliability, efficiency, and excellent customer service to its clients, which makes it the finest medical debt collection mediator in the US!

Many local healthcare practices struggle to maximize their medical debt collection returns as they often don’t have the resources or time to track down their patients and close outstanding debt accounts or focus on payment monitoring.

More often than not, they also worry about ruining their chances of developing a long-term patient-doctor relationship with the regular patients who come through their doors. However, you don’t have to tiptoe around your patients or forgive their debts anymore.

You can focus on running your small practice and leave the debt collection to CCAB!

We Can Help You Collect Your Outstanding Debts

At CCAB, we specialize in late-stage medical debt collections for a wide array of practice specialties. We use our 60 years of collective experience to approach your patients with respect and compassion and urge them to settle their debts with you.

We always follow all HIPAA and PCI standards and have a network of licensed professionals working for us. CCAB also has state-of-the-art tech that helps us store all the collection data securely. We also make sure to track each open and unresolved account that you send our way and update its status regularly.

Convenient Payment Monitoring

We also offer you the opportunity of payment monitoring for each account as all of them are updated every 24 hours. We will provide you with a special code that will enable you to track the progress we make on each account.

If a patient calls you directly or offers to pay their debt, let us know so that we can document the amount and update the account details in our system. It will make it easier for you to keep track of every activity that takes place on all your accounts.

Why Work with CCAB

If you’re wondering why you should choose us over some other collector, let us take you through some of the reasons why we might be the best fit for your practice:

  • We are a top-tier debt collection agency that only works with small to mid-sized medical practices, which means that we are exceptionally well-versed at handling medical collections.
  • We offer all our customers a convenient 30-day Test Drive, during which time you can test our collection services to your heart’s content free of cost.
  • CCAB always considers its clients’ priorities before formulating a tailored collection strategy for them.
  • We are proud to be a 100% woman-owned business.
  • We have highly-trained healthcare collection specialists, the latest tools and systems, and a quick and impressive debt collection rate.
  • CCAB always prioritizes customer service over everything else, so you know that you will always be heard while working with us.
  • We have multiple file transfer options that you can use based on your convenience.
  • When we work with a healthcare practice, we make sure to protect its dynamic with its patients, which is why we remain respectful toward them at all times and make an effort to hear them out.


Reach Out to CCAB Today

If you’re ready to work with CCBA, contact us today so that we can help you close your outstanding debt collection accounts. We will take charge of your debt collection and contact your patients to settle their healthcare debts so that you may get back to practicing medicine!

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