We only collect for small to midsize medical practices because our goal is to be the best medical collection agency in the country, not the biggest. We have extensive knowledge and experience with many types of specialties.



Endoscopy Centers-Gastroenterology

To date we have served 5,250 patients in the Endoscopy specialty.

Imaging and X ray

To date we have served 7,523 patients in the Imaging and X Ray specialty.


To date we have served 925 patients in the Podiatry specialty.


To date we have served 3,210 patients in the Dermatology specialty.


To date we have served 7,252 patients in the Anesthesiology specialty.

Family Medicine

To date we have served 2,575 patients in the Family Medicine specialty.


To date we have served 1,295 patients in the Audiology specialty.

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