Customized Performance Reports

Customized Performance Reports

Compassion, Consistency, Competence, and Customization

These four Cs represent values that are at the core of CCAB, the finest medical debt collection agency in the US!

As an independent small healthcare provider, you need to do everything in your power to keep your ship afloat and cruise toward bigger, brighter horizons. One of the worst impediments that can come in your path is mounting outstanding medical debt collection.

CCAB can help you collect patient debts and prepare customized performance reports for all your accounts.

After all, not every patient that walks through your door will have the means to pay for the healthcare service they avail. Many of them will leave with rising medical debts that you will need to collect at some point to keep things running smoothly.

When you run after your patients to collect their unsettled debts, you risk ruining the chances of establishing a long-term doctor-patient relationship with them. It also leads you to expend the energy, time, and resources that you could use to improve your practice standards and patient care.

With CCAB’s help, you can finally focus on your practice, patients’ health, and nurturing a doctor-patient bond with them while we take care of the pesky business of debt collection!

Let Us Help You!

Instead of putting a strain on your relationship with your patients or letting them walk off with unpaid debt, hire CCAB for professional debt collection services. We are well-versed in the art of compassion and will engage your patients with the utmost respect while collecting healthcare debts from them on your behalf.

If you have doubts about our competency, you can hop on a month-long Test Drive with us and let us prove to you that we are the right fit for you and your patients.CCAB’s Test Drive is free of cost and comes with no strings attached. If you like our work by the end of the 30-day period, you can hire us as your official medical debt collectors. Rest assured, during this time, we will create a customized debt collection strategy for your practice.

We Offer Customized Performance Reports

CCAB is a nationally licensed, 100% woman-owned, and PCI and HIPAA-compliant medical debt collection agency with remarkable recovery rates and exceptional customer service. Not only do we provide our clients with premium-quality medical data system collection, but we also make sure to have a custom recovery strategy for each one of you.

Additionally, we prepare customized performance reports for each of your accounts. It helps you keep track of your recovered, closed, and outstanding accounts and the progress we have made with each one. It also ensures that there is no error in judgment from either end, and the whole process is smooth sailing.

So, Are You Ready to Work with CCAB?

If you want to learn more about CCAB and its debt collection services, feel free to browse our FAQ section. If you want to avail this fantastic opportunity to work with the leading medical debt collection mediator in the country, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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