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Welcome to CCAB – the finest nationally licensed debt collection agency in the US!

If you’re a small medical practice or healthcare institute trying to stay afloat and surpass your competition, the last thing you need is piling outstanding healthcare debt. However, it can also be a bit of a struggle to maintain and keep track of old patient records and send reminders of debt collection, as it requires time, patience, tools, and expertise that most small or mid-sized practices don’t have. It’s where a healthcare debt collection agency like CCAB can help you!

CCAB is a top-tier medical debt collection agency that is trained in handling sensitive healthcare debt collection cases for a wide variety of healthcare institutes. We have highly-trained, nationally licensed, HIPAA HIPAA-compliant healthcare collection specialists on board who will resolve your open debt accounts swiftly while keeping track of your returns for you.

Take Our Services for a Test Drive!

If you want to make sure that we are the right healthcare debt collection agency for you, take a CCAB Test Drive to find out. It’s a cost and commitment-free, 30-day program that allows you to use our debt collection services to make sure we are the right fit for your practice. Once the period comes to an end, you can decide if you want to commit to our services or not.

During the Test Drive, we will pull out all the stops to enable you to close your patient accounts, collect healthcare debts, and generate old collection revenue. We will work with you and your patients to create a collection strategy that suits your priorities.


What Makes CCAB Better than the Rest

CCAB is proudly a 100% woman-owned healthcare debt collection agency that extends its impeccable collection services to local small and midsized medical practices and practitioners. We always focus on making our customers feel at ease with our personalized services as we understand and prioritize their needs. In this regard, we are always respectful when approaching patients for debt collection so that our involvement doesn’t put a strain on your relationship with them.

Not only are we fully insured and nationally licensed, but we also have 60 years of combined experience in the medical collections business. Moreover, we are PCI and HIPAA- compliant. At CCAB, we always focus on the convenience of our customers, which is why we offer a seamless and safe electronic transfer of files and records. We also use only the latest tech to ensure promising returns for all our customers.

We Care About Your Patients

When collecting healthcare debt, our utmost priority is to resolve any misunderstanding and conflict between you and your patients respectfully and empathetically. We want your patients to know that we will hear them out even if they have qualms about how their insurance was handled, don’t have the debt amount, or want to file a dispute. After all, we want to resolve their healthcare debt issues while helping you get your due.

Connect with CCAB for Flawless Debt Collection Services

Contact CCAB so that we can work on maximizing your debt collection returns while you can focus your energies on running your healthcare institute. We will reach out to your patients respectfully and patiently to ensure that we help strengthen their faith in you while helping you keep your service afloat.

So, if you’re ready to trust the finest healthcare debt collection agency in town, take the CCAB Test Drive today!

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